NEC 3520, Question for firmware modders

I was wondering when Dee-27-Liggy and the others modders will start working more with the 3520? Is most of the attention still on the 3500?
I was thinking about picking up a new drive and there is great support for the 3500 and not as much for the 3520, but it is kinda dumb to go and buy an “older” drive.

What do you guys think? Dee-Liggy-Quikee2

The ND-3520 needs better base firmware to work with. :slight_smile:
And not enough people have the drive, or have submitted results to know if the current speedups have worked or not.

Dee, maybe you know. Are NEC and I-O Data the only ones right now that uses the 3520 ‘burn engine’ in their burners or are their other brands already that uses the 3520 ‘burn engine’?

NEC and I-O DATA are the only ones i know of at this time.

So what would you recommend that I get the 3500 or a 3520?

thanks for the fast reply

Just buy a 3520 and newer and better firmware for this drive will come in time. The same happened with the 3500 drive.