Nec 3520 quality scan



I’ve attached a capture of what’s typically the quality scan for verbatim 16x@12x on my nec3520. does this look ok you guys? the PIF seems high doesn’t it? or it is within acceptable range for good playback… I don’t know what to do to remedy it since I’m using 1.uf cuz stock firmware wouldn’t work properly.


As you are scanning with ECC=8 then there is nothing at all wrong with the PIF levels. Everything is well below 16.

If you check the instructions in the 3520 L&D firmware thread, you will find how to set EEC=1 and you will see your PIF levels on that disk will be less than 4, and the total should be below 700, which is pretty good.


yeah eec=8. so the average pif around .5 isn’t bad? cuz i’ve been getting that consistantly with verbatim 16x burnt@12x. while taiyo yuden 4x burnt@4x have been much lower.


With ECC=8 max PIF<=16 is a good scan, yours is a good scan.