Nec 3520 probs please help

first things first in my pc i have a nec 3520 burner and a nec 3500 i have had the pc for around 1 month from pc world and i have a prob burning dvd originaly it had a liteon dvdr in it but i kept getting a no seek complete error in nero so i thought it was the ide cable so i change it and was still getting the same error so i thought i would try different media so i tried tdx, traxdata, ritek, datasafe , datawrite and lots more but still had the same problem so i thought i would swap the burner to nec 3520.

now i have the 3520 i am getting the same problems i have tried burning at a slower speed and tried lots of media and even updated the firmware, but still not solved the problem i happens to around 50 % of dvds i burn if not more!

but if i use the 3520 to read the dvd and the 3500 to burn the dvds it seems to work fine ?

if you require anymore info please let me know

What IDE controller driver?

You can check your IDE driver with Nero Info Tool. This nice utility is also very useful when you need other information about your drive. :wink:

how do i post a screen print?

all the info is the sames as yours except the version?
which is 5.1.2600.2180 (xpsp_sp2_rtm.040803-2158)

if this means anything to you?
i have now swapped the nec 3500 for a liteon jmls hd166s i was told these are great at reading disks ? i still have kept the nec 3500 put it on my shelf for now i have copyed 1 of the dvds i originaly couldnt copy for the no seek error this copied ok but took 19 mins at 8x ? should i keep the liteon or put the nec back in it?

oh and thank for trying to help by the way!!