NEC 3520: problems with CDDA extraction



I have noticed a problem with CDDA extraction using NEC 3520. After some time of extraction, drive begins to produce reading errors on the clean readable media. I can stop extraction and tell the drive to read this track again and it reads it with no errors. But after some time this happens again. I’m using EAC 0.95 beta 1 Secure Test & Copy mode to rip audio cd’s. The thing is each track is being read twice in this mode. And it looks very strange when first time track is read without any problems and seond time drive can’t read it.

Did anybody experience such problems with this drive? Or I’ve got a defective one and should just exchange it?

PS: I used 3 versions of firmware: 1.04 (original), official 3.04, I-O Data 3.23. All times with the same result.