NEC 3520 - Probably silly question?


I have just purchased a NEC 3520…I checked my firmware and it is version 1.4
I have read the FAQ stickied in the forum and I went to the official NEC firmware site but cannot find a download for this drive.??

I am doing something wrong?

Also I just bought 50 TY OEM 4x DVD-R media and used DVD Decypter to burn an ISO file onto the DVD…I set the speed to MAX.

It took approximately 10 mins because for 75% of the time it burnt at 4x then suddenly it increased to around 7.6x…

This has never happended to me before…is this because TY is top quality media and supports faster burn speed and if so why did it only speed up towards the end of the burn…


Check the mirror nec firmware page, see link below.

Because that’s the way the NEC writes discs at any speed above 4x. It’s called Z-CLV, or Zoned, Constant Linear Velocity. Please do a search for Z-CLV for more information about this type of write strategy.


Some media can burn at higher than rated speeds, but you may get higher quality if you manually select the media’s rated speed. At 8x speed, the NEC burns the first 1/4 of the disc at 4x, the second 1/4 at 6x, and then the final 1/2 of the disc at 8x speed. At higher speeds, all drives burn and read at a faster speed on the outer portion of a disc than the inner portion, thats completely normal above 4x speed.