Nec 3520 or liteon 1653s?

I want to buy my first dvd burner and am not sure which one to go with, they are both similarly priced and both oem. i dont care about speed that much or high lvl stuff, mainly concerned about quality, ease of use and installation. there are also other options for similar price including panasonic and toshiba or benq 1620. Any suggestions or comments that migh help me out? thanks

Forget the 3520. If you can wait, then wait to see what the 3540 will bring. And as far as the others you’ve mentioned, :Z :Z :Z forget them also. Get yourself a BenQ 1620. Great ripper and writer. Newegg had them last week for less than $%0.00 wirh a ten dollar rebate and that was for a labled BenQ not OEM. They do have OEM versions too but at the time, this was cheaper than their OEM’s. And yes you can see from my signature that I did pick one up. I’m really a die hard NEC 3500 fan which again you can see that I have 2 of those but wanted a BQ for testing. I’m now using this more than my 3500’s. Great drive. Don’t think you’d be dissapointed. Check out their forum on this site and take a look and some of the scan tests. Their pretty tough to beat when one can get constant 94 to 99% scans.:bigsmile:


Yo Sportsmell-

Am glad to hear that you are having such good luck with your BenQ 1620-

I am not having such good luck with mine - and compared to the NEC 3500’s is definitely not in the same league at this point-

We’ll see how the 1620 does as a reader/ripper 'cause it is definitely faster than the AOpen 1648/aap or /aap Pro-


now im confused, benq retail on new egg is now $30 more than oem and newegg does not give a warranty unlike 1 year with nec, need more help.

I use an NEC 2510A and am very pleased with it.

I use a liteon 1633 no problems, just update the firm ware.

Hey Mikey… Just one more reason that if I can, I’d prefer to by the name brand rather than OEM!!!


Yo Sportsmell-

Well I did burns of my four new movies last night - and the 1620 took hella time doing the transcoding as compared to the AOpen 1648/aap that it replaced-

Looks like I’m gonna yank it and put the AOpen back in - jeez what a waste of money-



I think you need to return you benq and get another.
My luck with benq is same as sportfish, machine is great.
I got the OEM pro, and it burns TYG02 -R at 16X with QS of 98-99
Rips a typical DVD movie in 10-12 minutes.
Think you just got a bad machine.

my 3520 has been making great burns!
how do i know?
well, with the new firmware out since last week i can now do PIE/PIF testing too! :slight_smile:

I would definitely recommend the NEC over the Lite-On.