NEC 3520 or 3540?



I read some threads here and I still do not made up my mind. Should I keep my 3520 or exchange it for a 3540? I like RW read speeds of the 3540 but it seems to have worse writing quality… What would you, threads readers, suggest ?


come on guys, I do not intend to make flames here, just some opinions…


Corbus: In my personal opinion I upped for the 3540A because the 3520A didn’t look promising. So after a little reviewing on my own I would say that your best bet would be a 3540A… that’s my 2 cents :bigsmile:.


I agree with him…after 2 days checking every review I can read…and with the fact that a hacked FW exists…I ordered my silver 3540A yesterday and got it today. I have like 60 blank Ridisc G04’s and burned two so far at 8X and tested the copies…and I can tell you it is the best deal I’ve had since I upgraded my PC last year!!! Very good drive and did like it a lot…go for it!!! :iagree: :iagree: :iagree: :iagree: :iagree:


Ok , thank you guys!


excellent drive for the money i have also got a pioneer 108 and it is every bit as good as it if not better i bought a 3520a a couple of month`s ago and did not like it at all compared to my pioneer 108 but the 3540a s a lot better

                 cheers   bighun1952


I would like to get the 3540, but NEC doesnt seem to want to sell it in the U.S.

I am ready to buy now. Tired of waiting so will just get the 3520. I want to start using DVD-R DL asap. Anyone have results on -R DL burning on the 3520 (good or bad)?



why do you want to use dvd-r dl ?
its less compatible and harder to get than dvd+r dl


My understanding from when DVD burning started was that -R was better from video and +R was better for data.

Is this no longer true?


not for the dual-layer.


If you bitset DVD+R to DVD-ROM then it sometimes gets more compatible then DVD-R. I have 2 standalone DVDs at home both Toshiba the newer one from 2003 reads anything i put in him but the second 1 from 1999 doesnt wanna read anything but retail dvd-roms and dvd+r bitset to dvd-rom. He cant read dvd-r but dvd+r@rom is fine by him :).


does the nec 3540 have official f/w with booktype?


nope, with the official firmware only DVD+R DL booktype is set to DVD-ROM

you’ll need a unofficial firmware to change the settings for DVD+R and DVD+RW too.


I’ve got a similar decision to make as I need to get a new writer but I’m in two minds whether to keep my 3500AG (Liggy-Dee 2.TD) and get a the 3540 for my girlfriend or give her my 3500 and get the 3540.

I will probably get the 3540 but I only tend to write +R and 8x is fine for me. The 3500 does this very well, will the 3540 do it better?


Stick with the 3500. I think the 3540 may match or better the 3500 someday but it’s too soon to tell. The 3500 firmware is mature enough for most media to burn well (Unless it’s total crap in which case nothing will help).


Just take the 3540 drive. Dee-27 and Liggy are making newer and newer firmware for it.


I’d like to see comparative scans of media burned on both drives scanned in a Benq to be fair :slight_smile:


Hi :slight_smile:
This might help

Along with Liggy’s & Dee’s f/w :bow: :bow: :bow:


I’m buying my first DVD burner so I’ve got a lot to learn but I’m probably going to get a NEC 3540 or a Benq 1640 - depending on which is available first in the US. I’ve seen a lot of posts regarding the firmware available here to take care of booktype and a couple of other things. I did some skimming but didn’t see anything on the official firmware release. Was it stated anywhere NEC’s plans on rolling that in one of their official firmware releases or will the modified versions here always be better?



I tried a lot of DVD burner, Lite-on, Sony, Pionner 108… The NEC 3540 seems perfect, is it possible to change the bit setter ? And what programme will I use ?

Thank for your answers.