NEC 3520 Not ripping Fast!



I just installed an NEC 3520 drive. I tried to rip a DVD with DVD shrink and It won’t rip any faster than 1,600kb/s. The drive is advertised as reading at 16x. Why won’t it rip any faster? I have checked my DMA settings they are set to Ultra DMA. I installed the 1.24 firmware update to remove riplock. It still won’t rip any faster. I tried using to the Nero drivespeed tool to control the read speed. The speed tool is only showing a max of 6x read speed. I can’t even get that when trying to rip. Does anyone have any advice?


did you install this firmware?


No, that isn’t the one I used. i used a firmware found on the dangerous brothers site. Is this one any different?


try using DVD Decripter to rip your film to hard drive first. then use Dvd Shrink.



Burners - in general - are not noted for their fast readin’ and rippin’ - suggest that you get an Aopen 1648/aap DVD-ROM to read/rip - can be gotten for $36 shipped from



Well, I have been told that my processor might have alot to do with it. I’m only running a P3 800mhz. I bought the burner to go in my new system I’m building, and put it in my old p3 to replace my memorex 2.4x temporarily, thinking it would be faster. It doesn’t rip faster, but the burn is still much faster. Any other thoughts to confirm?


Even with a P3 800MHz you can burn DVD @ 8/12/16x if you want.


It will burn at about 12x on a 4x Sony. But I’m still not happy with the rip speed. It takes about an hour and a half to rip a double layer 7gb disc. I would think it should be a bit faster even with my p3 800. Thre min spec for the drive say p3 450. Is there anything else that would be causing the slow rip speeds?


Do you really mean ONLY RIPPING?


The burn speed is adequate, I’m not very happy with the rip speed. Like I said, I went from a 2.4 burner to this 16x and expected a somewhat better rip speed. It rips just as slow as the 2.4x.


iam thinking on the same lines as _chef_, are you sure your not confusing ripping/encoding as you dont need a fast reading drive if your just using an encoding program. just to confirm your wows use DVD Decripter to copy a disc to your HD and take snap sot or post log file.



Any Optical Drive Device is very RAM intensive-

If you don’t have 256mb or more of RAM - then your system needs to tap on the virtual memory to process the information which would slow down the reading/ripping considerably-

Question is - how much RAM do you have?



I’ve only got 512 of ram. I’m using AnyDVD and DVD Shrink to rip and encode. So my question is, are my processor and ram combo my main problem and not the drive? I’m in the process of aquiring all the components I need for my new system. I bought this drive as a second choice to the Plextor 716 because of the big jump in price to the Plextor. Also, the min. specs for the Plextor were a P4 1.5. i figured I could at least use the NEC till I got the new system built. I want to make sure that I’m going to get better rip/encode speeds when I install the NEC in the new system.



Suggested it before and am suggesting it again - no burner is known for its ripping/reading speed regardless of the system-

Invest a little more in a good DVD-ROM drive like the Aopen 1648/aap and you will increase your read/rip times by about 50% over your 3520 - AND you save the read/rip wear on the burner-

As far as the 716 goes - have you seen the problems they are having with them?

Also - try and keep up with the “official” firmware revisions for the 3520 (1.04 is up to like revision six)-