Nec 3520 ...... newbie needs help




Ive just bought the nec 3520 dvdwriter…

  • “problem” (now real problem): Nero says that the maximum write speed is 6x, but it should be 16x. (nero says that BEFORE inserting a empty disc!)

  • question: Would you recommend me to give my writer a new firmware?
    Well, i dont wanna give it an inofficial firmware, because i would like to keep my warranty. <— here it says that there are several new OFFICIAL firmware version available for my writer. But one NEC website i cant find any! so: are these firmwares really official ones?


All the 1.04 firmwares are from NEC itself. So you may flash your drive with them without loosing the warranty!


Here they mentioned about the NEW firmware update
after a few days, in the month MARCH, after the clearence
of the new technical-rules about the official 4xDVD-R/DL in the DVD-R/DL
commission who already the 23 February gave their OK !

So if you have the same patience as me (also own a 3520)
wait a few days…then you get the original!