Nec 3520 - Max. WriteSpeed: 6x


I bought a new computer (amd 3000+,1024 DDR RAM…) and i STILL have the same problem that had been facing with my old computer: The Max. Write Speed (for DVDs) is 6x.
And the Max. READ-SPEAD is also 6x!

Shouldnt both values be "16?

Its not that bad for me, if i cant burn with 16x speed, but at least 8x speed would be good. And the Reading-Speed of course has to be 16x!

What shall i do?
new firmware? (which one?, Has the new official NEC firmware already been released?)

PS: im buning with NERO

Upgrade firmware (try Liggy/Dee). Buy compatible discs with LD’s firmware. After that, you should be able to burn at a faster speed (pending the discs you buy).

Oh BTW, flashing your drive with unofficial firmware will VOID your warranty–just so you know.

The max write and read speed depends on the type of media. Also the max speed is only reached near the end (outer area) of a full disc. The speed starts slower at the beginning part (inner area) of a disc - about 6x speed for single layer media and 3x for dual layer media. 16x max speed for reading is only achieved near the end of a full 4.37GB disc and if that disc is high quality - the drive will slow down when needed to read data without errors on lesser quality media, so it might get up to 12x or so near the end and driop at the very end of the disc. Also the max speed for the NEC with dual layer media is 3-7x, so for ripping dual layer DVDs you get a much slower speed and if you have stock firmware its even slower to rip about 2-5x speed. What are the manufacturer and MID code for the media you are writing - is it rated for 8x or higher? Write speeds also start at 6x or lower and only reach higher speeds in the middle and end of a full disc. If you burn a disc thats not a full 4.37GB (say under 2GB) you would never reach the higher speeds at all. How much data are you trying to burn on a disc?

open the nero toolkit and do a transfer rate scan with cd/dvd speed then do a test burn then do a burst rate and post the results here

i did that cd/dvd speed test…
But i didnt understand the rest of what you´re telling me to do… What is a burst rate?


ok you hit 8x so it is not the burner.

under the test durwhatever choose BURST RATE in mine it is F6
also under the same menu run TRANFER RATE which is F2 in mine

see what the results are
oh and for that media you burned under EXTRA choose DISC INFO and see what it’s rating is

The burn looks completely normal, only the last part reaches 8x - thats a regular 8x burn. Above 4x speeds its not a constant speed. 16x write speed is only available for certain media like Verbatim’s DVD+R 16x media. And it will start at about 6x speed and ramp up in about 6 steps to reach 16x again only near the end of the disc, averaging about 12x.


transfer rate brought me this (first pic)…
And the other one is a screenshot of nero info tool, which also says that 8x is the maximum…

Maybe im using cheap media (ritek B-Grade), but isnt is strange, that nero shows 6x as maximum write-speed even BEFORE i put in a blank disc?

thx for ya help

ok i am not sure if you are reading me.
when i say “transfer rate test” it should look like this if you do not have dma issues.
when i say burst rate you should have this.
and when i say disc info like this

Nero always does that - it can’t really determine the available write speeds until you load a writable disc.

Try loading a blank DVD before you select the write speed in Nero. This should let Nero detect the available write speeds for that media on that burner (with current firmware).

Please see the attached files. I am using 16x-rated media. The only thing I can think of is that my Oxford 911-based Firewire enclosure may be slowing things down somehow. Any clues?

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Here are the remaining screenshots, from CD-DVD Speed.

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the enclosure is too slow for 16x writing you need 22mb and you have 12 :wink: