NEC 3520 & LG 4163, which is better?

Want to buy a new burner, the NEC 3520 & LG 4163, which is better?

The better one would be the one that best fits your needs. The best for me might be the 3rd or 4th option for the next person. At least, that’s how I pick my burners.

I would go for LG4163 because NEC3520 is getting mixed reviews right now. If you asked about NEC 3500 instead of 3520, then it ll be harder for me to answer :wink:

@Dev: so since this is the 3rd post, are you telling me LG4163 is the best for you as well? What DVD Burner do you OWN?

i would go for the LG 4163…and also the BenQ if there was more choice…

Can you please mention some advantages & disadvantages ?
Why “you would go with LG” ?

I guess from what i have read that the major differences between them are:
1)LG uses P-CAV for 16x while NEC uses CAV so the LG is a little bit faster.
2)LG reads DL at 8x while NEC at 4x
3)LG reads/writes DVD-RAM while NEC cannot (i don’t know if anyone cares
about it)
4)LG doesn’t support DVD+RW bitsetting
5)LG rips SL DVD-VIDEO at only 10x (i guess riplock in firmware)
6)Generally NEC drivers are considered to be horrible readers, but in the cdrinfo
review is mentioned that the 3520 is a very good reader.
7)Judging from the cdfreaks review the LG has great quality and i believe NEC
has the same quality.
8) NEC has a very active community so there is a firmware for every need you
may have (3520 has not many firmwares because it is relatively new, but it will
have in the future)

I don’t own any of two so i cannot recommend one to you.
I am thinking of buying one of the two myself, so i have done a little research
in the forums here.
This information i mention is from the forums here and from reviews from here
and cdrinfo.

If something i said is wrong, feel free to correct me.

the NEC 3520 has not yet a full review so there is not much information about it
if you want DVD-RAM then you must go with LG.
if you want to copy protected discs the LG gets “2 sheep” (can copy fine 2.5 safedisc but not 2.8/2.9). I don’t know about the NEC rating.

Speaking for myself, i like very much lg products. I have 2 LG monitors and i
am very happy with them.
I would get the LG if not for one thing. Firmwares.
With NEC modified firmwares there is no riplock,no rpc2,there is media
overspeeding. LG supports some 8x -> 12x overspeeding from what i read.Also, there is rpc1 A101 firmware from TDB

Speaking of monitors, NMV has recently announced 8ms response time LCD monitors.

Wait for GSA-4164 or GSA-4165 and also ND-3530A. :slight_smile:

> Wait for GSA-4164 or GSA-4165 and also ND-3530A.

Do you think i should wait ?
I already have a Liteon 832S so i dont mind waiting.

I am very happy with the 832S (with hacked firmware ofcourse). When i bought it
many people reported problems but mine works perfectly and also writes dvd-r and dvd+r
great (there was a rumor that it favoured dvd+r) and also write crap media (princo etc)
very good (another rumor that is very picky about media).
So i primarily i don’t need to change, but the devil got into me and tells me to upgrade :slight_smile:

Thank you for your time.

4164?!?! like what will be in that? lightscript?

BenQ yesterday announced a 6ms 19" LCD monitor.

NDA or can I start asking questions? :bigsmile:

Hi again.
I talked with a guy in Greece that had the 4163 and replaced it with nec 3500

He mentioned that according to his impression the LG was practically slower than his 2500
and that also when the pc booted and when it read dvds it made rattling noise (“like breaking
toothpicks” were his words)

Maybe, though he had a defective drive.
From what i have read sverkalo is happy with the drive, but i would appreciate his opinion
on this.

Thank you.

a NEC3500 replacing a LG 4163B…cannot …impossible…

a LG 4163B wins all pants down in terms of 16x media burn time and quality…

Burn done on a LG4163B @8X speeds

You have some very good YUDEN000T02. :wink:

Hm. Everything I can answer has already answered unless I forgot (or was just lazy.) :wink:


8x DVD+R DL will come soon from many manufacturers. There has been delay for nearly three years. 832S should do for 8x SL burning. If you want to burn 16x MCC004 at 16x right now, get GSA-4163B now.

Again thank you Kenshin for answering.

I guess i can wait a little for the next LG model :slight_smile:

Thank you again.