NEC 3520 install

…OK, I blew it. Ordered it from Newegg and it arrived as just the drive in a wrapper. No manual (not even a one-sheet), no cable, no jumper instructions, no nothing. My bad…and totally unexpected. :confused:

So…since I’m dependent on at least some help with a new device, what cable do I need, where does it plug in, and what’s up with the jumper settings?

The jumper section is two rows of three pins. The little jumper is on the last two pins on the right (the last column) in the jumper section.

I’m flying totally blind on how to set this puppy up: I already have one DVD drive and an empty slot for this one. The existing drive has the jumper cables on the leftmost two pins. It appears to have a tap in the IDE cable–there’s nothing on the MB. Is it OK to use that tap for drive #2?

Are these jumpers set OK so one is master and one is slave? Or do we even need to diddle with that stuff anymore?



Leave the jumper where it is if using it as master or by itself…if using as a slave, there should be a diagram printed on the drive to show you the settings. Or try the NEC website, which might tell you what to do.