Nec 3520 in a INitio 1430L external



After some upgrades & modification I had a leftover Nec 3520aw and a Aopen1608 in a external enclosure with a initio 1403L chip set. The Aopen & initio combination has always been problimatic. So I decided to see what would happen if I put the Nec 3520 in the external case with the initio chipset.

All burns used the same file; the first two used the same RW disk.
1–The external NEC 3520aw witht he initio 1403L chipset scan is first,
2–the Benq scan is second
3–the benq scan with Verbatim 16x (mcc004)

I am clue less as to why the MCC004 is showing as so much shorter in the scans. I used the same file for all three. I should see how the NEC/initio does with a MCC.


here’s a scan of the NEC in the Initio1403L using Verb. MCC 004.
I’m rather impressed-(i think)


What I don’t have is a scan of a MCC 004 from prior to my removing the NEC from my computer. I do have this scan, it’s from a maxell disk and burnt while the NEC was in my machine.