Nec 3520 Help With Media Brands



Hello To everyone i recently bought Nec 3520 As Far I don’t have problems with the drive. My question is simple Last year i had Sony u10a and the only media that was successfully write was Tayo Yuden DVD-R+R 4x. Recently i bought Platinum DVD-R 8x 50 Of them. Did i make a good Choice? Or i Should Get Back To Tayo Yuden? My drive can hold this brand or in the future to have problems? Thank you for your time.


I would use those TY’s over platinum anyday.But if I were to get Ty’s it would be +r and not -r.TY + media is A+ media.Go here and see results and reviews of that platinum media.


I would guess that your 3520 will burn as well as my 3500. I get superb results with Ritek R03, G05, Ricoh W11, MCC -R, as well as TY G01. I would assume you will do equally as well with MCC an TY +R. Given that you can get TY that will burn at 8X now for $35 per 100 delivered, there should be no question. Go with the best.



Totally agree with chas0039-

“Good Media = Good Burns”

My 3500’s seem to prefer -R’s and I get 100% good burns with Ritek, Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim and Maxell medias-

Life is good-