NEC 3520 Fw 3.04 vs. 1.UC

Hi People
I wanna ask, who firmware, from these two you preffer, and what are the differences.
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3.04 cause i had some cheap dvd -r’s which failed verification with the other firmware

1.UC because they burn my r03’s at 6x rather than 4x

Thnx for the interesting facts

@Trader05, have you made the quality scan on this disc, with Nero Cd-Speed 2000

Hey Liggy could you say something, whats the difference between those firmware

Thnx for you answers :slight_smile:

for me, 1UC coz got bitsetting.
3.04 only booktypes DL+9 to dvd-rom

I have one question, Is NEC better reading DVD +r, biitset to DVD-ROM as DVD+r not bitset
Im asking becase Im reading all over this forum, that NEC is a poor reader, with DVD-r/+r, but it is much better at DVD-ROM.

bitsetting doesn’t affect NEC’s readability on DVD+R vs DVD-ROM, its strictly for more compatability with some older standalone DVD players - though I’ve never found one yet that doesn’t work fine with standard DVD+R bitsetting.

yup. correct. :bigsmile:

I wonder why Liggy and Dee-27 don’t just base their firmware on the latest release by NEC? Surely I should be possible to port their changes…
This way we can get the best of both worlds.

Oh, thanks for you answers

Im Hot awaiting the NEW release for NEC 3520A from NEC, what it wiil be,but to that day i will stick to L&D.

1.UC IS actually based on the latest NEC release (patched with bitsetting). The 3.04 firmware that was floating around here is identical to the 3.04 firmware that was released by NEC and that I used for adding bitsetting code.

Thnx Liggy for the explanation

Keep up the good work

Oh, 1. last thing, how come that you people around this forum I mean L&D care more about the satisfaction of those people that have bough this drive
In the original fw 1.04, no bit set, only for +R DL, no quality scan, no improved write strategies,


For me it’s just a hobby and some kind of challenge. Plus it’s some kind of brain training. I already learnt a lot by firmware patching and writing some programs that access drives… :wink:

& raygay … to me, bitsetting isn’t just that, at least not to my old sony dvd-rom. Personally, i don’t use bittsetting at all, just no need. Anyway, my old dvd-rom will read a bitsetted dvd+r @max-speed(13x+), but a normal dvd+r @6x. So, if u bitsetted a dvd+r to dvd-rom, the player will actually treat it as a dvd-rom!!

Since i do a data scan on every burn with my old sony, I shouldn’t use bitsetting at all cause it will read it too fast from around 2.5GB and lost the focus point which will slow down the drive to 1x :Z

and thx Liggy & Dee for the great works :bow:
but since i’m quite happy with the original NEC pack, i guess i’ll wait for the next big thing from u guys :wink:

Can you tell me how to change write strategies in a Fw and recording speed, is there a another program. When I had my previosly driver Lite-On a had the program, maybe you know - OmniPatcher, aand there z could change the write straties and recording speed.
Thnx for your answers :slight_smile:
WOW :eek: the new FW 1.UD is out WOW, this is great i gona try it out

Unfortunately patching firmwares on a NEC drive is not that easy as it is on LiteOn drives. I’ve written a patcher to make work a bit easier, but it’s still a lot of work you need to do before you can actually modify your firmware. In order to avoid broken drives caused by wrong usage, this tool isn’t released for public use.

Thnx for the info.
So far I im using I had none problems with your modified firmwares.
Keep up the good work, best wishes to you and Dee :bigsmile:

well maybe u dun need bitsetting so much. and maybe you got a set-top dvdplayer which can accept dvd+r?

as for me, my set-top dvdplayer cannot accept dvd+r video. so i hav to make sure my dvd+r is booktyped to dvd-rom to be playable on dvdplayer.

My old player doesn’t accept dvd+r without bitsetting either. So no need to worry - I’ll try to add bitsetting if possible.