NEC 3520 FW 1.04 Question?

Okay I noticed that with the stock firmware, I can only burn the Ritek +R R03 at 4x. Well I did just that and here are the results. What do you think. I am not to familiar with the scanning results of dvdinfo, so any comment will help. Also should I upgrade to the Liggy And Dee’s beta 3 fw 1.25 (1.05) ; is it a good move to do so?


I believe there is a new stock firmware out, v1.05.Maybe try it if your not certain about the beta firmware.Go here and check out some other media that has been tested and compare yours first.

V1.05 out? And where should that be found.

I believe it’s not v1.05 but 1.25.It goes with the rebadged NEC drives(I/O Data).Take a look
here and see.I think the difference is the bitsetting.