Nec 3520 flashing and Binflash GUI

I’m planning on flashing my new NEC 3520 DVD burner.
I have a few questions as to how this should be done using the BINFLASH GUI.
When I start the gui i get 2 devices:

Is this normal? which one should i choose to flash?
After flashing (I’m planning on using “LD 3520 1.U9 Quiet Firmware Package.exe” FW - by Liggy And Dee) - how do i set bitsetting?
Is this done through the GUI or thourgh cd speed or Nero? (Is this permenant?).
How can i check later the book type of a burnt DVD?

Thanks in advance for any help and replys.

F: is the correct device.

First Dump your original firmware, then upgrade with LD 3520 1.U9.

Select bitsetting under Booktype in Binflash.

Use DVD Identifier to check booktype is burnt correct.

Remember hacked firmware voids your warranty.

The Big NEC F.A.Q

Thanks for the reply…

The drive is displayed twice, because I’m using two different methods to access the drive. One is the SPTI interface that is built into Windows 2000 and XP but which can only be used with administrative privileges, the other one is ASPI which is always present on Win95-WinME, but on 2000 and XP only if you installed a driver for it.

So if your drive is displayed twice, you can use both of them. It shouldn’t really make a difference.