Nec 3520 DVD-R DL firmware



I’ ve heard that a new firmware will be released
in March and it will support DVD-R DL.

I really can’t wait until that time, because the
infamous ± war will rise again!


If only you could buy DVD-R DL at that time :wink:


Yep, you’ve got a point here! :iagree:

But I think that having DL media from both sides (+ and - vendors)
is a good thing for us consumers, because prices will probably fall
quiker! :cool:


We all hope that this will happen. :bow:


it’s very very difficult that prices fall under 8€ in the short time, 'cause it’s very very expensive producing dl media (both + and -)…
so, it’s less expensive to use two single layer dvds :slight_smile:


DL not under €8??

DL media with RITEK MID is here around €4, DL media with VERBATIM MID is around €6. And they still go down.


Yes, but Ritek DL media suck bigtime. :frowning:
I could not play them on my standalone Panasonic player.

On the other side, I didn’t have any problem with Philips DL media! :slight_smile:


No suprise, they are VERBATIMs in fact. (MID MKM 001)


Yes, this makes sense!