NEC 3520 cannot flash firmware



Hi everyone,
I just downoaded Liggy&Dee’s Firmware for my NEC 3520. when I run the executable LD3520 1.U6 Firmware Package.exe the Windows GUI comes up, and it sees the drive.
When I click on FLASH it gets stuck: it asks me fo confirmation, I see the window that shows progress but it always stays on the first bar.
The application seems stuck in the Task Manager and there’s no way to stop it.
The Light on my NEC3520 keeps flashing green. Is this supposed to go on for hours or should it be a quick operation?

I have to mention my NEC3520 is installed into an enclosure and it is connected to my laptop via a USB2 Cable, could that be the problem?
Anyone has got any Ideas?
Many thanks,


I’ve yet to flash my 3520, but other drives I have ALL take less than a minute.

Don’t think your flashing program like the external enclosure…