NEC 3520 Bitsetting Problem

I got an NEC 3520 with 1.UG firmware. When I tried to bitset a dvd+r under “bitsetting”, it says “bitsetting book type failed!”. Under disc setting, the “current disc type” & “current book type” are both DVD+R. How do I bitset the +R to dvd-rom?


Well, if under disc setting it shows current disc type, you probably have a disc in the drive… You have to set the bit w/out anything in the drive :slight_smile:

You can also find this answer in the LD release post, and probably the FAQ.

the only thing that would change the bitsetting on my 3520a drive was the firmware flashing package.

nothing else would change it :confused:

also be sure drive is empty and it should look like this picture

Also, in case it wasn’t clear, you cannot bitset a +R disc after it has been burned.

good point, forgot to add that chas :doh: :wink:

I’ve set mine to burn DVD+R DL as DVD ROM but when I try and burn in IMGBURN it still says the booktype is DVD+DL

Any ideas anyone?

Flashed in Binflash and it still burns fine etc…

I should have said - when I play the backup its skipping on the 2nd layer

Verbatim DL discs and Denon DVD 1400 player

Any ideas?