NEC 3520, bitsetting & playstation 2

One simple question:

If i want to back up a game of my playstation 2, can i just copy it using the bitsetting way (from dvd +r to dvd-rom) or i have to mod my console?

Can an original play 2 play a backup copy of a game or just X-Box can?


you have to use a mod

Bitsetting will help if the DVD-ROM drive of the console does not recognise DVD+R media. Appart from that, while I never used a PS2, I suppose that there will be some sort of a copy protection that you’ll have to deal with. It can’t be as simple as copy & play.

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You need a mod chip in your playstation or…

If you don’t want to use a modchip you can use a swapdisc. Just google it. I haven’t used one, but lots of people have.

don’t know anything about the PS2, but i do know that an XBox (modded of course) won’t read +R, has to be DVD-ROM

What ? Only the old Sasmung could not read DVD+R disks. The old/new Philips, the old/new Thomson and the new Sasmung also read them just fine… And neither the Xbox nor the PS2 will read backups, except they are chipped in any way (softmod/chip/swapdisk, etc) so it is not a bitsetting but a copy protection problem.

regards, Stephen

The PS2 needs to be modded in order to play backups, but as far as DVD+R/RW compatibility goes let’s say from V7 of the console you should be fine, my V9 eats everything even without booktype set to DVD-ROM for + media.

Have a look here to determine what version you have: