NEC 3520 bitsetting issues

I’ve had issues some of the modified firmware. Nero keeps defaulting my DVD+R copies to DVD-ROM, problem is I don’t want that to happen. I change the bitsetting for DVD+R SL in Nero CD-DVD Speed, and in DVDInfo and when I go to burn the DVD+R SL in Nero it writes as DVD-ROM.

I just want the modified firmware for the faster burning (I can burn my 4x media at 12x). Which modified firmware can give me the faster burning speeds, and allow my to set DVD+R SL as DVD+R SL, and DVD+R DL as DVD-ROM

Change it to Current Recorder Setting instead of DVD-ROM in Book Type Settings. Nero Burning Rom > Recorder > Choose Recorder > highlight the drive > Options > Book Type Settings.

thanks, that should help

Just curious…did it work out for you?