NEC 3520 Beige, $44 delivered. Good old Newegg

You’ll be sorry when these are gone. The burn quality is virtually as good as my 3500.

Newegg has the 3540 for only $43.99.


Price just went up: now, $45.99 shipped . :slight_smile: Retail box but no extra media like the Benq retail pack. I don’t see Nero listed as software, just “Nova BACKUP 7.1” for a burning app and some Ulead stuff.

For $47.99 shipped, you can get the NEC 3540 OEM in either silver or black .

I’d go for the 3540 since they’re so cheap now. Not much competition from Benq 1640 (that is until they get their distribution act together), you’d think they’d be milking the price right now. :slight_smile:

So, chas0039, you considering adding the 3540 to your NEC collection?

Ninbang, he had said (provided I remember correctly) that he preferred the 3520, as the write stategies and fw for it are better than what’s currently with the 3540. He really checks things out with scans and reading and all, so I trust his conclusions…not to mention the stuff I’ve been able to backup what he’s said is also true. :slight_smile:

Mos def … chas0039 and zevia define the standard for judging quality … lol. Gotta luv the charts these guys create and the time they put into it. We just sit back and wait for the results. :slight_smile:

Dee and Liggy seem to be hard at work, as usual, on custom firmwares for the 3540, so it’s probably a matter of time before the 3540 meets chas0039’s standards. I’m sure most NEC enthusiasts will recall how disappointed everyone was with the 3520 when it first came out (ie. compared to the 3500). After some time, chas0039 started warming up to it, that’s true.

You guys really read my stuff. Remarkable memories. :bow: :bow: