Nec 3520-AW Stops responding during write

Hi all,

I’ve just signed up, I’ve got a problem with my Nec 3520-AW its been working great until a few weeks ago then :-

During writing a dvd (at 6x) it will just stops the light on the writer goes out and nero just sits there does not report any error just sits, the timer on nero still ticks away so neros ok, oh and am using the same dvd’s ive always used too.

I have just tried upgrading my firmware to see if that helps but it still does it
my firmware is 3.05 and am using nero 6 with windows xp sp2


ha, nero has just decided to report an error is says “device not available”

why would it not be available? it was just working!! , strange!

Welcome to the forum.
Some things you could check.
Replace the IDE cable connected to the drive.
Check the IDE drivers. MS default ones work best with optical drives.
Try with a differnt media (you don’t mention which ones you use?)

Hey There,

I got Some problem with my DVD-RW Nec 3520 AW
When i have buy it he read all support CD’s
Now when pass a 2 years he only read just CD-R
Cannot read DVD-R or else CD’s
I have tryed with firmwares,try to flash it a milion times :slight_smile:
and nothing happens its again same.
And now i wanna ask what should i do…
Is there any chance for my DVD-RW Rom to read DVD’s or should i buy a new :slight_smile: