NEC 3520 and poor reading?



Just updated my MSI DR8A dvdrw because of the very very poor writing quality… it’s an 8 speed writer for DVD+R… but only 2.4 and 4 speed was ok…

So I bought a NEC… because of the good reviews I read… but now I come to the conclusion that my cheap media can’t be read? ie princo, bulkpaq

Other media (platinum, memorex, philips) don’t pose any problems…

Anyone an idea? is it inherent to the nec? or is this an isolated problem?



3520 is a great writer but the is an average reader.Coughs around 14x on most media.Drop the speed in Nero dvd speed to 12x read and I believe you’ll be fine.Post some scans so we can see the Princo junk at work.


PIMPCO media can go bad. Garbage in, garbage out. Bring the PIMPCO media to Circuit City and see if their PCs can read the crappy disc.

You’re just throwing your $ out the windows with cheap media.


I know cheap media isn’t good… that’s why I don’t use it anymore… but still… it’s odd that I can’t read princo, bulkpaq dvdrs that can be read with other devices…

it gives me read errors… or seek errors… just wanted to know if this is common to NEC or if I should return my writer and get another nec


I’ve read about and seen scans of that bulkpaq media and they weren’t good.Only way to be sure is try a totally different brand(MID) of media to be sure.


I succeeded in reading bulkpaq with VDS… mediacode and the ISO mediacode…

but most princo’s give me an error on inserting disc… and they can be read with a dvd-rom on other pc… nobody with a nec 3250 that can read princo? :wink: then I have my answer


princo disks are the biggest load of crap on the market if you burn data or movies on them these disks will fail to read in about 2 months i myself use ritek g05 disks or ttg02 disks and have never had a problem with them

             cheers   bighun1952


I know and I agree stronly… but still this doesn’t justify the fact that MY - maybe all?? - NEC 3520 can 't read princo discs… while others can read em…

I just want to know if there’s a person who own a NEC 3520 and can read princo’s… I’m not interested in hearing that princo is crap… I know the earth evolves around the sun… duh



After like fifteen princo discs… finally one was read in 100%…

So I must conclude the NEC is picky on some media… thus imo not making it a good reader…


I have a simmilar problem, involving Bulkpaq media (MCC 002 from Bulkpaq).

I burnt succesfully with NEC-3520 and it can’t read them whereas an old BTC-1004 is able to.

The most amazing thing (and someone else also posted on this forums) is that those burnt DVDs are read OK if you switch off your PC, turn it on and insert them.

I think this isn’t 100% media a media related issue because I get same problems using real Ritek G04.

I notice now that all the media I use and I have problems with are printable.

Can I blame that? Perhaps NEC drives are ‘poor readers’ using printable media.


IS there any dvd-rom out there that stands out in reading stuff? dvdrs to be more specific :wink:


I’ve been very happy with my Aopen 1648/AAP as a reader. It can read a few of my old cdrs that cause my 3500AG to fail. However I have heard that some of the toshiba DVD-ROMS can be even better for error correction. do a search for aopen 1648 and check out the big long thread on the drive. Much is mentioned there about EC and reading.


I have seen a Toshiba SD-1812 in action and Im impressed.
I haven’t seem Toshiba 1912 but I guess it’s a good reader too.

I have a toshiba SD-1612 and it’s absolute crap, but because of bad hardware.
A friend of mine has same drive and it read DVDs very well,whereas mine has many many problems even on original DVD media.


Up until now I’ve always had a Pioneer DVD-recorder but this time opted for the 3520 instead of the Pioneer 109 - primarily due to its 16x read speed.
But like many are finding out, the drive crashes before it reaches that - usually around 14x in CD-DVD Speed.
Like below…

I’m also getting problems in Nero now and am having to use my Pioneer to read the disc and the record it…pretty pointless getting a nice quick recorder. The discs are mint condition and are usually Ritek discs. I’ve never had a problem reading them before but the NEC just fails. All on the fly copies seem to fail around 90% in Nero and just start scrolling like this…

So, anyone know when we’re likely to see a decent firmware from NEC to fix these sort of issues? It can’t be a coincidence that, while the 109 is £53.99, the 3520 is now plumetted down to £34.99




The NEC,s are very good burners but not so good readers


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THanks Dee-27 - sorry for any duplication :bow: :wink:
I just can’t see how this can be right though :confused:
These are quality discs - just burned and yet it won’t read them.
Surely it’s not good enough to just say “Well, they’re not good readers”.
They’re (the writer) rated at 16x but, not only can they not do that, they can’t even read a disc through to the end :eek:
So, do you think this will be fixed in a firmware upgrade?
If not I may as well take it back. I’m even hearing about a 3530 or 3540 - the 3520 doesn’t seem to have had much of a run…


Differing results reading from new 3520-do a backup of retail dvd using dvd shrink and its slower than my combi drive(cheap artec),shrink peaking at speeds of 5-6000 kbs-pitting the backup copy of dvd back in the drive and using shrink again sees mindboggling speeds of 15000 kbs+and under 5 mins for shrink to encode-obviously no compression needed on latter example,but slightly strange to see such a difference,that never existed on previous dvd drives,no prob with reading high tech game disks however,and no prob burning at good speeds with a good variety of media(benq 8x dvd-r the pick of the bunch ,burning at 16x)


Then either my PRINCO DVD-Rs or my 3520A are an exception to that generalised statement.

I have PRINCO disks (DVD-R & CD-R) that have been written over a year ago and my 3520A has no problem reading them.

These are proper PRINCO ‘A’ grade, (with batch number, printed top, etc), not the rebadged bulk crap.

However, I believe that the current, (as of about 6-8 months ago), PRINCO stuff, (including the rebadged stuff), is just ‘B’ grade being passed off as ‘A’ grade - a common occurance here in Oz - they never seem to have printed tops or batch numbers now.

BTW, the above DVD-Rs were written using my old LG GSA-4040B


There have been reports about the 3520 not being able to read at high speed. No read issue @ 16X with my NEC 3500. Sometimes, the NEC 3500 will not rip at high speed. Ejecting the disc should fix the speed problem. You can double check with CD Speed. 3X or faster with DL. 6X or faster with SL.