NEC 3520 and Panasonic RV32: Won't Play



Like title said, I have a panasonic rv32 standalone and I’m burning my discs with a NEC 3520a. I can’t for the life of me to get a burn that will play in the panasonic. I’ve tried the original firmware, original 3.04, and liggy’s modded 3.04. When liggy’s 3.04 was installed, it wouldn’t let me set the bookset to dvd-rom. It said that it failed. So I tried burning with nero v6 6 0 12 and setting it to dvd-rom there and still nothing.

It’s not the media either. I’ve burnt some using a Lite-on LDW-451s and they play perfectly on the panasonic. Media is Fujifilm dvd+rw (YudenT02).

Any ideas?