Nec 3520 and iso images

i have just got a nec 3520a and flashed it with liggy and dees firmware which works fine but when i write an xbox iso of 4185gb the writer starts at 6 speed then after a short time goes down to 4 speed then it goes back to 6 speed then up to 8 speed at 55% until the end of the disk which is a ritek g05 dvd-r disk which takes 8:59 minutes doing the same iso and writing it with my pioneer 108 on the same computer using the same disks takes 6:40 minutes it seems that the nec does not like dvd-r disks very well when i am burning movies of the same hard drive it will burn them at 12 speed using the ritek disks why the difference when it is doing isos
cheers bighun1952 :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I believe your dealing with writing stragety of the drive.I haven’t ISO’d anything on mine but mine also does some of those speed up’s and slow down’s on Verbatim MCC media.