NEC 3520 and DVD Shrink



Hi all,

This is my first DVD burner and though the media hasn’t shipped yet, i decided to give the ripping and saving ability a dry run. Here’s my problem;

How long does it typically take to save a movie to the hard drive using DVD Shrink and the NEC 3520? I’ve kept all the default parameters as set by DVD Shrink, compressed as suggested, but its taken an average of over 1h to save to my hd.

The 3520 is loaded with Liggy and Dees latest 1.U6 fw btw.



the amount of time it would take depends on your computer system. faster systems will take less time.


My specs are as follows

Dell Dimension 4700
P4 2.8 with HT
512M DDR2

That seems reasonable enough right? There was another thread where someone had experienced the same slowdown in encoding time when using DVD Shrink. I think the only response was to try DVD Decrypter, which I did with no improvements.


About 50 min to compress a 2 hour movie (80% video quality) using Shrink. No detailed analysis. System is a 600 MHz PIII.