NEC 3520 and DVD-R DL

Has anyone used a DVD-R dual layer with this burner? I have been using Pinnacle Studio 9 and it does not show this option in the pull down menu for media. Their support has not been helpful.

The 3520 only supports DVD+R DL

My bad. It can write DVD-R DL with latest firmware.
Wich firmware do you use?

I have the latest NEC firmware, 3.06

I haven’t tried -R DL but with Liggy’s latest f/w says it burns that media.

NEC 3.06 firmware says it will do -R DL. It’s the Pinnacle Studio 9 I was having problems with. After fighting with their support for a month or so they finally said the following:

“I was informed that DVD-R DL is really unsupported by Studio 9. The last
update for Studio 9, the 9.4.3 patch, predates the entry of DVD-R DL on
the market, as such it only recognises DVD+R DL as the only valid
Dual-Layer format. If you want to have DVD-R DL then you need upgrade to
Studio 10.”

The manual for Studio 9 says: “Studio can create DVD discs on ANY
recordable DVD media supported by the drive.”

So I would think they should have had a patch to allow the -R DL. They would rather sell the newer version of course. While I haven’t had problems with version 9, I have read all sorts of horror stories about version 10, which they say was a complete rewrite.

It also depends on the media/mediacode of the -R DL.