NEC 3520 and Buffer, Poor Quality Burns

I need some help now…

I used the Nero Reg Hack to show me the actual writing speed and set the ultrabuffer level to 80mb. I have 2 x Harddrives on the Primary Channel and 2 x writer and reader on the Secondary channel. DMA has been enabled on all drives. The Nec is secondary master.

My full system spec can be found here as i was thinking of upgrading my system

  1. When i burn DVD’s in Nero, every time the burn speeds up, my recorder buffer level just drop from about 95-99% to about 7% and then back up and then stabilizes until the next burn speed change. Once the burn speed has stabilized, the nero buffer also begins to fluctuate, but not too bad.

I then tried Nero CD/DVD speed to perform some tests and posted the results.

  1. How come others people’s create data disk has a nice curve rather than a square curve like mine…

Below are the scan i did a couple of days ago…

  1. I again did some more testing yesterday with the firmware 1.UE and new 1.UF and now the speed at the end of the burn just drops, and does not stay like this scan, what has happened?

i have also tried to close all background programs, played with the paging file. Now i have just ordered new Ultra 133 cables which will be here next week?

  1. Whats do i do next? :confused:

Overall, when i burn at 8x, i do get some decent scans…

No one???

  1. Normal
  2. Normal
  3. Unknown
  4. Nothing

You just have a bad batch of MCC02RG20

Thanks for the Reply…

but i also tried nero cd-dvd speed on a TDK TTG02 and got the same results… i will post somemore when i get home.

Can someone explain why the burn speed has started to drop at the end?? :confused:

try sticking to the rated speed, not all batches of media can handle over speeding and you have proved yours aren`t upto over speeding.

this batch of media is fine, however, my writer is now having severe issues and dont know why. :confused:

here is a dvd which i burned before and scanned and now scanned again today: