NEC 3520 and Bitsetting?

I am pretty sure I want to buy this burner, but I would like to know if it supports bitsetting with DVD + R media? Anyone know?

I am either going to buy this one or the new BenQ1625, which I know has bitsetting , but I am a llittle more inclined to go with the NEC.

Yes it has using a special firmware… but not with a offical firmware.

The NEC3520 supports bitsetting only with double layer discs. However there are some OEM and modified firmwares that support bitsetting for single layer and rewritable too.

Iodata is bitsetting ready.
else, use Liggy’s

Or wait for mad dog

What do you guys mean Iodata has it, mad dog… Huh- If i buy this burner- and get appropriate firmware- I am good to go for DVd +r disks?

Yes you can upgrade the firmware to whatever you want. Iodata and Maddog sell retail versions of the NEC drive with custom firmware, which can also be downloaded and used on other NEC 3520 drives. But the custom modified firmwares here are considered even better by most here and have the most configurable features. So yes buy an OEM NEC 3520A and then upgrade the firmware for bitsetting and other additional features and burning of quality media like Verbatim 16x DVD+R and FujiFilm TY02 8x DVD+R.

In case it is not clear, the firmwares are here: