Nec 3520 A



I just got a new Nec 3520 A burner and while it seems to work fine, i think it is taking longer than it should. It is a 16X burner and I’m using 8X dvd’s. Im using dvd shrink along with dvd decryptor. I’m hearing the whole process should take 30 mins tops but it is takin about 2 hours. Any help would be appreciated.


post some more info like did you rip it to hard drive first? and how long?
dvd dshrinks encoding time?
and burning time? should be about 10 mins.

altough 2hrs from start to finnish doesn`t sound to long, 30 mins is not for a full 2hr disc with rippin encoding and burning.


ooops sorry double post.


Its taking me around 30 min to burn a dvd…sometimes a little more…sometimes a little less. I’m using the NEC 3520 16x and 8x DVDs too. I’ve gotten into the habit of kicking off a shrink and then running errands…then kicking off a burn and doing things around the house.
I had a nightmare time getting things to work so I’m just thankful it works and I don’t sweat how long it takes.


I’d have DVD Shrink just author everything to a folder on your computer, then burn with a real burning program, like Nero or ImgTool Burn. Then it should be easy to tell if your writer is actually going at 8x or not, if you need different media, etc.


if its taking 30 mins to burn a dvd then its only burning at 2x not 8x.

what media are you using? post the brand and use dvdidentifier to get the mid.

what ide drivers are you using? if your not using the microsoft one`s then delete the ide channel reboot and windows will install the defalt drivers.

check your running in udma mode 2.

do a burst rate test using nero cd speed.


I bought the same burner two weeks ago. Even with 16x DVD, at best it burns a DVD in 15 monutes. (The actual burning time, excluding time for encoding, copying etc.) I could not find a software which can burn in 16X speed. Some artical says it is less than 7 minutes. Any one knwo a software which can burn files from hard drive to DVD with 16x in speed? Thanks in advance.


i use nero and it burnes in about 7-8 minutes with nec3520a. th problem in this case is probably bad empty media or the drive is set to pio instead of dma mode…


6-8 min/burn for me as well depending on media (a little over 6 min for 8x TY). You might also look into firmware updates. I did notice I’d get an occasiional burn that took about 30 min to burn before I updated my firmware, but usually it’d go away on reboot. I haven’t had that problem since I updated.


I forgot to mention that mine is a USB 2.0 external DVD burner. Could it be that 7-8 minutes for 16x (even 8X?) is only achievable by internal DVD buner?


If your external doesn’t have the prolific chipset, it won’t be near as fast as an internal.