Nec 3520 1.04 4th or 5th

just been looking on the and just have a question about the firmwares for the nec 3520. I currently have the 1,o4 4th version. I was just about to update to the 5th version when I noticed the date was older than the 4th one. Which is newer? I would presume the 5th and the date is just a mistake? Can the binflash gui 1.1 be used to flash with the 5th too?


The dates are all correct. I would take the 4th, because it is the most recent, although the strategy version numbers haven’t changed…
…of course, you can flash every .bin that is made for your drive with binflash…

I just named them in order that I received them. So only look at the date to see which one is the newer.

I changed it, so now it’s in the right order of date. I hope you’re satisfied now ricindonny :wink:

Hi there!
My name is Jimmy and i´m from Germany. Hope my english is ok for you ;-)!
I´ve got the 3520 for a few days now and before I´ve benn using the 3500 with the 2.18btrpc1 Firmware and I loved it ;-)!

Here are some questions for the 3520:

How can I see which Firmware 1.04 is actually running? With Nero Info Tool only 1.04 is shown. But which one? First, second. etc.?

I´m still confused about the latest official Firmware from your homepage.
I´ve got two files:

3520_104_4th.bin 08.01.05
3520_104_5th.bin 13.01.05

Is it right that the 5th one is the latest one like the date tells me?

Difference between these firmwares are “Writing Strategies”?!
Does it mean that the support for writing speeds and different media types
has been approved?

Why these questions? I want to use Binflash GUI 1.10 to flash the latest official firmware onto the 3520!

What about the official 1.24? Bitsetting for SL+ but writing strategies are older than in latest 1.04, right?

Where come the official firmwares from? On the Nec site are still no official updates reachable?

so long, Jimmy

The latest 1.04 updates have only newer write strategies for CD-R and DVD-RW/DVD-R DL so now problem their.
So you can flash to 1.24 without any problem. Most people dump their firmware before they start flashing their drive with modified firmware. This firmware dumps are send to me and are displayed on my site.

Thanks a lot for your answer. At the moment I´m very satisfied with the burning results on my Ricoh 8x+ media on Nec3520. I think I´ll wait for the release of Liggy’s And Dee’s NEC ND-3520 Modified Firmware in a final version!

so long, Jimmy

thanks ScorpioSoft, and keep up the good work on the page - its an amazing nec firmware reference site.