Nec 3500ag


Just a few questions. Have a nec3500ag installed been using it for two years now, making backups and home videos. Use shrink, dvddecrypt, dvdfab…no problems.

I’ve never been concerned about the blank media dvd’s i buy, I buy whatever from vvalmart. Bought dvd-r and they don’t work. Says illegal dvd or something. Anyone know what’s up with that? A buddy of mine told me to update the firmware, is this true, i found the updates on the nec site, but have never updated firmware before. I heard I could mess my burner up.

Any help would be appreciated. Great site, I’ve been lurking for years.


Just to clarify, the “illegal dvd” is the blank, not the movie that I purchased. It’s the software calling the blank an illegal dvd. Don’t want any trouble here.

It may be necessary to update the firmware-so it sees more media. You do not say what media your using. You can use nero speed or dvd identifier to see the media code. I would go to the nec site and download the latest firmware and update in safe mode with no disks in drive. good luck.

I’d suggest 2.1b from L&Gs website here .