NEC 3500AG Windows XP reboot



I have had trouble with several programs as they load from the CD or DVD crashing my new Windows XP and actually rebooting the computer. This ONLY happens when the CD is being accessed. It has happened on one program at exactly the same place. Another, it crashed, then ran fine on a second attempt.
Any suggestions?


My dad was having this same problem with his 3520A. I’d suggest killing off ALL programs that are starting up in the background of your computer using MSConfig and clicking on the startup tab. Once the drive is installed and working correctly then start putting one check in at a time and restarting at each one. Eventually you’ll find the program that is starting up that is causing the conflict. I’d venture to bet this will take care of it.


I finally got time to work on this this weekend. After shutting nearly everything else down, I continue to have problems. Even trying to read files originally burned on Dvd’s under Win98 on the same machine, sometimes shuts the computer down. I get the blue screen of death and an error saying
Bad_ someting _Pool (I am at work and don’t remember the full message).
Is this a bad drive, or what’s up.

Note, disks read fine on other computers.


This is probably a realy long shot, but it could be power-supply related. What are the specs of your rig and what PS do you have?

Also, try putting the NEC on it’s own molex power connecter and it’s own IDE channel. I’m thinking that when you are copying discs, pretty much every component besides your videocard is being stressed, potentially drawing too much power and causing a reset.

If that is not the case, make sure you have the most up to date drivers for your chipset/IDE controller… Could be a DMA conflict issue.


This is a driver conflict. IDE controller driver is the place to start. Also uninstalling InCD or any other packet writing ware is required.


Power Supply is a good suggestion. If none of suggestions help or have helped I’d suggest trying a fresh install of Windows if possible. I hate recommending reinstalling Windows but sometimes it is necessary to get do the things you need to do with hardware to get it to function correctly. You can only spend so much time troubleshooting when you’d probably spend less time reinstalling Windows and all the various applications you use on a daily basis.


A bad PSU could be expected to cause reboots, but usually not BSOD.


I totally agree that this could be a PSU problem. Sometimes you can tell this if you are saving to HD from Cd/DVD. One option would be to put the DVD on one line from the PSU and the HD onto another different line. Generally the PSU will try to manage the load equally over the cables, but if the HD is sucking the power from the same line as the DVD then the load is uneaven and one will suffer.

This has been a common issue with older PSUs as they were not designed to take 2 cdroms, 2 HD that could be running at the same time.
Anyway, give it a try and if it works then let the forums know.



I agree that it could be a PSU issue, but what connector it is on is a little far reaching. Open up a PSU and look at how all the like cable are soldiered on the distribution board, they are all the same at that point (all +12Vdc are soldied together, -12Vdc, +3.3Vdc, and -3Vdc alike). Only different voltages are isolated on individual legs. There is no way the PSU can manage individual loads on like voltages. If it is the PSU, most likely one of the voltages is dropping or spiking out of rage for all devices using that voltage.


If you get a new PSU, try to get one of the newer ones that have the test plug in the rear to be able to check it while it is running.


I flashed the Bios, cleared the cmos (and changed the battery).
Checked the cables.
I disabled AV software and uninstalled the video drivers.
I rebooted, then installed the VIA 4 in 1 drivers for my chipset.
I rebooted and then ran the installation software for the video card and it said it could find no appropriate drivers. Also checked, and apparently, the old driver has been installed by Windows.
Finally, using soundblaster live, it did not find any updates for my drivers.

So, with all of that done…I still have the same issue with my NEC Dvd writer. Trying to copy files, which I initially burned on that NEC, the computer crashed to a blue screen of death.

Any suggestions???


The VIA 4-in-1 includes an IDE driver, which may be the issue. Go to Device Manager and remove the VIA driver from the IDE controller, revert to the MS driver. VIA IDE drivers have been causing burner problems for as long as they’ve been around. There’s 2 ways to get rid of it, 1st is to just uninstall the controller and reboot. If Windows tries to re-install it instead of the MS driver, you might be able to stop it and direct Windows to the MS driver. If that fails, go back to Device Manager and follow the prompts to update the driver, then choose from the list. You’re looking for the “Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller” driver in the list of drivers. That’s what should be showing in Device Manager when you get it right.



first take the nec out of your computer and put it outside a safe distance away from your dwelling.
next depends on the type of dwelling. if apartment try and use subterfuge to get neighbors to leave or wait until they are all gone to work.
if a house make sure all family members are out and then proceed.


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RD’s suggestion of IDE drivers would be the first point.

Have you cheked your aspi layer is complete / working?
You can repair your aspi layer with Forceaspi. Aspi isn’t supposed to be used

What CDR/DVDR programs have you installed?

Have you installed any drivers recently which may affect PCI? Some video porgrams install PCI accelerators which may cause issues.


I have burned down my house, but the Microsoft firewall apparently protected my computer. Now what?
Just kidding. Will give the MS drivers a try and get back. Thanks.


doesn’t it just figure that M$ firewall would stop you when you actually wanted to burn it down but would gladly let in anyone else to burn it down…


Sorry for the delay. Got sidetracked by real life (and cleaning up after the fire)! Can someone help this novice to know which drivers need to be changed and how to go about that? I know basically how to change drivers, but not which drivers to change or which ones to select given a choice.


Already posted. You want to update the IDE controller driver and follow the prompt to select from a list of known drivers. Choose the one referenced above.


OK thanks. I did that, and still Windows shuts down. Other ideas?


Does it shutdown, or does it reboot?

If it just bluescreens & reboots, it’s time to repair your aspi layer.

If it shuts windows down nicely, then, um … Have you scanned for viruses recently?


I did not give up on my problem. I have been trying a number of different things and FINALLY found it tonight. Win Xp did not load an ASPI layer for my dvd player! Once I downloaded Forceaspi and then removed my secondary IDE and let Windows reinstall it, everything seems to work just fine!!!
God is great!

Thanks for your infinite patience and help. I learned alot as we went along, and for that I am grateful.