NEC 3500AG - what does 'rip lock' mean?



forgive the extremely basic question, but i see hacked firmware all over the place that removes “rip lock”. what is rip lock?

i did a forum search, and tons of results came up but none explaine what it is. thanks :cool:


I not an expert but what it means to me is when you rip or copy a dvd with dvd decreptor or whatever- if you use with the firmware to take out rip lock it will copy the dvd alot faster -but i have not had that problem with my nec- I guess it depends what software your using to copy it to your hard drive and the size of the dvd to your hard drive. Hope my explanation help you a little.


Perhaps a search for “riplock” (without a space) would’ve helped… :wink: anyway…

There are modified NEC firmwares that remove the video riplock.