NEC 3500AG - Unable to write on DVD+RW


I bought a NEC DVD R/RW 3500AG about a month ago and tried to burn some mpg on a DVD+RW media without any success. I was successfull doing so when I used DVD+R using CloneDVD. Although, the moment I used a DVD+RW, it rejects the media and asked me to change it. I bought two different medias: Fujifilm DVD+RW and Verbatim DVD+RW (both single layer). Am I missing something ? I am running under Windows XP Sp2. The firmware has been upgrade to 2.18.

Any ideas ?

I did notice that the driver for the DVD burner is dated 2001 ? Is it quite old for a such a recent technology… No ?

Thanks in advance

In my case, I have Memorex (Ricoh) DVD+RW and every time I write to one…the entire disk becomes corrupt (Using InCD So whenever I write to DVD+RW and want reliability, I use my Plextor 716a. Also…I created a mulltisession DVD+RW (Verbatim/Mitsubishi) and by the 8th session the disk became corrupt and unreadable after using the NEC. (Nero


Corruption took place with XP Pro SP1. I am now running SP2

I have no problems burning to dvd+rw - usually with Nero (version, or the burning tool within TMPGEnc DVD Author.

Either with SP1 or SP2.

I burn ISO files to DVD+RW with DVD Decrypter ( all the time with out a problem and I use Memorex (RICHJPNJPN-W11-01). I do find that after a lot burns I can’t do it at 4x any more if I want to see the end of the movie. But other than that I don’t have a problem with XP sp1.

Nailed the problem… CloneDVD 3.0 doesn’t allow me to use DVD+RW. I had to save a movie to an .iso file then use Nero 6.6 to burn the image onto the DVD+RW media…