NEC 3500AG Strange Buffer Decline/Burn Fail



I just installed my new 3500AG after reading great reviews about it. I use Nero and have an odd buffer situation. The disc (TDK +R 8x) will work fine up until about 5%, then the “Used Read Buffer” slowly declines to 0 (at about 7-8% complete) and the burning stops completely. I thought I’d let it sit a bit to refill the buffer, came back 45 mins later, still stuck on 7%, and Nero becomes unresponsive. I’ve read through a bunch of related posts here, but none with this particular error. I’ve tried many of the solutions (DMA, different speeds, trying to burn an image etc) but all I have to show for it are 5 coasters. Anyone have an idea?

1800 Mhz Celeron
640 RAM


this happens when you are using media the burner doesn’t like
3500 recalibrates during the burn, doesn’t know quite what to do and stops

either faulty burner or faulty media