NEC 3500AG slow rip

My Nec rips the dual layer discs with 2X speed.
I use Modified Firmware V 2.TG and the speed changed to 3X.
I have a 5 years old pioneer dvd-rom 117 and it rips with 5X.
Is there any idea?

Yep, it’s called DON’T USE THE 3500 FOR RIPPING, that’s my idea. That’s normal, this drive is a terrible ripper, but an exceptional DVD burner. I bought it to burn DVDs, and burn them well. It does that, but it’s a TERRIBLE ripping drive. I’d get a $20 Lite-On 16P9S and apply the codeguys patched firmware for it. It will rip @ 16x, if you set it that high, I set it to 14x to keep the errors down. I dunno how this could possibly be a suprise to you!!! :rolleyes:

You can get a little relief if you apply one of the firmwares from here:

With riplock removed. You will still be very slow but should get closer to 5X.

Hey, it used to be the fastest -/+R discs reder anywhere. :wink:

Make sure you are not using LD3500 2.TG Quiet Firmware Package.
This has riplock enabled and will rip very slowly.
Try reflashing the correct firmware.

My ND-3500 rips DVD-ROMs as well as my Lite-On (JLMS XJ-HD166S) with codeguys modded firmware and DVD±R even better.

My 166s with codeguys firmware ALWAYS SMOKED the 3500a for ripping, up until it’s death! It was at least twice as fast, pretty much minimum 8x. I dunno how your 166s could have been so slow!!!

I use the correct Firmware not the Quiet one.
I think Deer Slayer said the right words: “DON’T USE THE 3500 FOR RIPPING”.
I didnt know that nec is a lousy ripper, I thought that something wrong happend to mine.
Thanx for answering.

Sothoms … (Avsite Friend) i’m ripping @7X and more my DL discs with 3500, so it’s not generally a Nec problem.

Yes it’s a lousy ripper, but not THAT bad ! Something else is wrong

Make sure you have your drive set for DMA correctly.

This thrad explains.

Yes I ve already done that.

Neither drive is slow.
They both average about 12-16X with DVD±R and 7-9X with DL DVD-ROM, but I get fewer read errors with the 3500 than I do with the 166S. The 166S is a finicky reader.

Have you tried a variety of discs?
Every now and then I come across a slow rip with both drives. Probable less than perfect disc.

There’s something wrong with your 166s then!!! My 166s was probably one of the BEST READERS of all time!!! It was ALWAYS faster than the NEC by QUITE A BIT! Like I said, 8x was pretty much MINIMUM ripping speed, and it usually made it to 12x. My friend still has his 166s and it’s one of the best he’s ever seen too! So, I’d suggest you see what’s up with your drive. Maybe there’s something on the laser, I dunno, but it’s definetly not happy. I ALMOST NEVER got errors out of the 166s, the disc had to be FUBAAR before it gave me any trouble. :bow: :bow: :bow:

lets see a transfer rate scan with nero cd/dvd speed and while you are at it how about burst rate?