NEC 3500AG seen as CDRW not DVDRW!




I just a new mobo in my WinXP Pro SP1 machine, and now I cannot record dvds, only cdrs with this drive.

All software (nero, roxio, DVD Encore…) are saying that I have no dvd recorder installed.

Checked the devices in hardware, I see the nec string under the secondary IDE as master.

Wasn’t an issue before I installed a new asus mobo over my old ecs k7s5a. In the process I upgraded from winXP pro to winxp Pro/sp1.

Before the upgrade I flashed to Liggy’s Ritek SE firmware and everything was great, now it’s not being seen as dvd recorder.

Was unable to reflash to old firmware as necflash util doesn’t find any recorders attached!!!

Anyone have this issue and resolve it successfully?



Uninstall the Primary and Secondary IDE Channels in Device Manager and reboot. Let the channels and drive(s) be redected.