NEC 3500AG recognized as CD-ROM only


I just installed a NEC 3500Ag DVD +/-RW drive. The system recognizes it, but only as a cd-rom drive. Nero doesn’t list it as an option. I’m running XP-pro.

I had a pioneer a04 installed before this, and had no problems.

Might it need a firmware update? Does updating the firmware void my warranty, or make it impossible to return?

I’m thinking of returning iot and getting a better drive. I’m authoring video dvd’s. Is there a better choice you can recomend?

So many questions, and not a single clue. Hope you guys can help. Thanks in advance for any info you can give. :bow:

did you configure the master/slave cable and jumper settings correctly during installation ?

Yes. It’s jumpered as master, and it’s by itself on the secondary ide. I’ve tried it on both positions on the cable.

i don’t think updating with official will void waranty. you might want to try it. then enter BIOS and see what BIOS recognises the drive as

oh, and if nero came OEM with the pioneer then itz never gonna recognise the nec.

oh, one more; old Nero 5 won´t recognize it either… :confused:

It’s a common “problem” for Windows XP not seeing your DVD-burner as an actual burner. But this is not a problem since you don’t use Windows XP for burning anyway. You can do this of course but the Windows XP built-in burn engine is far from perfect. It’s best to use a dedicated software for DVD burning like Nero, CloneDVD, Roxio, etc. Anyway, don’t worry about Windows XP seeing your DVD burner as CD-ROM, it won’t make any difference to dedicated burning applications.

Well that’s pretty logical when you consider that the NEC ND-3500A is a new drive and Nero 5.5 is pretty old. It’s best to upgrade to the latest Nero 6 versions if you want support for your NEC.

Is there an updated CDrom.dat data file that you can use to make Nero5.5 recognise it?
I remember that they used to release the file seperately, rather than make a new revision.

Yeah, it’s Nero 5. I also have encore 1.5 (Which I probably should have tried before posting. D’oh!) and it recognizes and burns nicely.

Thanks for everybody’s responses. Time to upgrade Nero.


Saw a side bar on Google when I searched for Nero 6.6 that said that they were selling Nero 6 Ultra for like $20 for the full version ($80 from Nero) - you may want to look for something like that (I got mine for $30 at an online site with seriel numbers, etc)-