NEC 3500AG problem




I just bought a LaCie DVD±RW USB2.0 based on the NEC ND-3500AG chipset. I plugged it on my computer running on Windows 2000 SP4. It detects the drive and it everything seems nice.

I installed the software provided with the drive (Roxio Easy Media Creator 7… it looks like a piece of crap, but whatever), I started it, it took a really long time to load, and it finally didn’t worked (pressed the Burn Button and nothing happens). I tried their Drag-to-disc utility, and it says that the media is read-only (it’s a Brand-new Maxell DVD+RW).

I tried to update my USB2.0 drivers, and I upgraded to the 2.18 firmware for the drive.

I hope you’ll be able to help



Did you tried another burning program like Nero?


I only have Nero Express (bundled with my CD burner), and it don’t even detects the DVD drive (even if I put a CD-R in it).

I’ll try to download the trial version for Nero 6 soon.


Roxio is … um, substandard, burning software. It’s fan base is relatively small.

Nero has a much wider fan base, and also you can try many of the proggies available from cdfreaks software page.


I just tried Nero and it worked great. Problem solved.

I wonder why a company bundles a software that doesn’t work with the drive…


Um, well, first of all, it’s not drive specific.

It’s probably cheaper than other software, or possibly there are political reasons for it.

Roxio’s ezcd suite does work … sort of … and many people swear by it.
The rest of us don’t want to take the gamble. Even if the disc burns fine … there’s no guarantee the disc will work. Even if you do it 4 or 5 times :wink: