NEC-3500AG Problem Burning Audio CD's

I don’t know for sure if this is a n00b question, but I figured I’d post here since this is my first post to this forum. I recently purchased a NEC-3500AG burner and have been very happy with it; with one exception. I can burn just about anything with no problems, but when I try to burn audio cd’s nothing seems to work. I have used CD-R’s and CD-RW’s as data disks and for burning isos with no problems. I have burnt data and movies to DVD-R with no problem. I have tried 3 different kinds of CD-R’s to make an audio cd at different speeds and the burn fails at every speed. I am trying to burn from MP3’s on my hard drive. The cd usually gets to between 15% and 20% and then fails. I have a TDK 24x cd burner in the system and it works fine with the same media. I have tried 3 or 4 different firmwares with the same results and am currently using the 2.18SE. Any help would be appreciated!


What program do you use for burning?

Dang, I tried to be so detailed and I still missed something :stuck_out_tongue: I am using Nero 6.6. I have been using the actual Nero Burning Rom part, not Express.

Check here for recommended CD media.
I´s a known fact, NEC 3500 is not the most compatible as CD burner.

I use EAC when burning audio CD´s :wink:

What I don’t understand is why it would be able to burn as a data cd to the exact same media, but not as an audio cd?

Ok, got it to work. I enabled DMA and now audio cd’s will burn :bigsmile: Now, my only question is why do all of my disks only burn at 32x when the burner and the discs are all rated to 48x? I have Sony, Fuji, and Maxell CD-R’s that all will only burn at 32x. Thanks.


The firmware only allows the 3500 to burn at a speed that will give you a quality disc - by media MID code - so if the NEC firmware writers determine that a media will not give a quality burn - it will set the burn speed back (or in the case of Taiyo Yuden - the 8x -R’s will burn at 12x and the 8x +R’s will burn at 16x)-

FI - I use TDK 48x CD’s and both of my 3500’s will burn them at 48x (I usually slow it down to 32x - just to be safe) - have not thrown a CD coaster yet…


Thanks for the info. 32x works fine, I suppose.