NEC 3500ag - issue erasing DVD+RW

I have a NEC 3500AG & according to all the web sites I have found, this burner is compatible with DVD+RW discs.

Burnt a couple of DVD files OK & these played OK on my DVD player…but when I come to erase the discs using Nero, it states that they are not erasable discs.

Downloaded DVDINFO & DVD+RW is not ticked…

SO should these discs work or not ? confused :confused:

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Yes of course the 3500 can handle +RW media. What could be an issue is other software installed , like Alcohol.

You can always try Nero’s CD-DVD Speed or ImgBurn to erase them.

you might have made the disc non-erasable through nero.

drive should not have any trouble erasing…I’m on my 3,000th burn soon, with not one coaster…even with crappy media.

i still use it over the sammy, maybe when it dies, or if it dies, i will switch

If these DVD+RWs were booktyped to DVD-ROM, you need to full erase/format them first.

Try with Imgburn.