NEC 3500AG - i want to use it as a multi region- help

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my first time using the site, so hi to everyone.

I am trying to read, and then ultimately copy a region 1 dvd from the states, but the DVD drive is stating it cannot read it due to the region. If i change it, i will only get a limited number of chances to amend it in future. Is there a way around this and if so what do i do. Please answer by putting it in idiot proof language as some of the terminology will be lost on me. Please include in your replies how and where i can get the necessary programmes, patches or whatever it is i need.
look forward to hearing from you, most enlightened ones.:D:bow:

Hi There----Install “Any DVD”…that will do the trick for you.

AnyDVD is great but ultimately you have to pay for it; and IMO its main benefit is for avoiding copy protections that are not associated with region limitations.

It is possible to change the firmware of your NEC 3500 by using a free firmware version which will overcome the region playback limitation. Check out Liggy and Dee pages here:

…and you could try the first RPC-1 firmware on the list: This will remove the region checking of the drive, plus some other advantages such as faster copying etc. There are warnings about voiding warranty, and that you do this at your own risk; but these firmware variants have been used successfully by many people.

In the zip file is a text message which will contain a location for instructions on how to change (flash) the firmware of your drive.

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Your feedback is much appreciated. I will give it a go when i am feeling brave, as i have never dealt with firmware before, either by way of backing it up or flashing.
you must have spent years doing this kind of stuff and built up your knowledge base.

If you don’t want to mess with flashing firmware; you could try DVD Idle - it makes drives region free and helps with dvd encryption.
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thanks for the advice re DVD idle. I have not heard of it before. where is the best place to get it from and are there any other views from members with regard to its effectiveness etc.
This info may already be on this site somewhere, but i have not yet got used to navigating my way around it properly, hence the dumb questions…
cheers dudes

It can be found here: The Pro version is the one for region free; or just region free software they offer DVD Region+CSS Free without all the extras and at lower price.
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