NEC 3500AG Help!

I bought this (NEC 3500AG it shows in windows) with the 2.16 firmware on it, and burnt DVD’s did not sync audio, so i went to the nec official 2.17 and it solved the problem… then NEC released 2.18 on its website and I flashed it yet again.

I then noticed that audio CD’s i burnt with the 2.18 firmware skipped in my 6 disk changer in my car, but no where else… after going through 10 CD-Rs, I concluded that it was the new firmware version. I read a post about liggy’s 2.18 with bitsetting, so i gave that a shot… didn’t help… I went back to look for the offical 2.17 from nec, but couldnt find it. I have 2 of these drives, and the other had 2.17, so i used liggy’s program to back it up and flash it… still didnt fix it. So i flashed it back to nec’s 2.18 official.

Last i tried, i have this “messed up” drive in an external USB enclosure for my labtop, and it froze at 81% of burning an Audio cd with nero. Windows stopped responding and i was forced to power down the drive. I haven’t had time this morning to do anything else, but I am afraid it might need some fixin’. Is there anything anyone can recommend doing. I know i stopped a burn back in the day with my 2x CD-R and it never burnt another CD in its life! Is there a say to reset the firmware back, and start fresh like it used to?


You can find your “Official” 2.17 here:

2.17 is good firmware - and if it worked for you - use it-

Also a good CD burning program - especially for audio is EAC -

You can find it here:

I find that it gives great copies that play in my car’s changer excellently-


Thanks for the links, I will try it later… for some reason, i dont think that the flashers are overwriting the other firmwares on the drive… I’m going to us the offical 2.17 NEC flash program… liggy’s i dont think completely erased the other firmwares… or did it?