Nec-3500ag Faulty?

Hi All,

I bought my NEC 3500 about a week ago. I am running windows xp pro, and have the drive connected on 2nd ide as master with no slave.

I am having a problem since day one that intermittently when I try to burn a cd or dvd in Nero 6 (upgraded to latest version) I will get an “power Calibration error” in nero. If I retry the same disc a couple of times then it burns fine. I get this error in any other software aswell, i.e. Discjuggler, Alcohol. The funny thing is even if I do a simulation then that also fails with a power calibration error.
The blank dvds are bulkpaq-r 8x orange which are supposed to be good, and the cdr are infiniti 80min which i have burnt 100s of on my Plextor 161040 cdburner with no trouble.

Is this drive defective?. I thought the NEC 3500 was supposed to be good, so far its been worse than crap for me.

Anyone have any ideas, should I return the drive. Is the NEC 3500 FUSSY about media?. If so, which 16x DL dvd writer ISNT FUSSY about media?.

Thanks for any help


I would try different media - both my 3500’s burn great with Taiyo Yuden 8x in either - or + discs-

IMHO the NEC is media picky on purpose - so you can get the best burns with very good media - and isn’t what we bought these things for in the first place?

When I can burn a backup of my business data for about $.15 per gigabyte (my TY’s were $.60 from on the best media - I consider it a bargain!


Hi churke
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Bulkpaq are generally terrible media.

There is also a few things you should check out in your system.
Make sure DMA transfer mode is enabled on your IDE controller rather than PIO mode.
If your using nVidia or Via IDE drivers, try replacing them with the default Microsoft ones.
Also check out this thread for other possible problems.

Are you located in Europe or the USA?