NEC 3500AG Fast rip, but slow burn speed

System specs:
P4 1.8 GHz
512 MB RAM
40/120 GB WD
Audigy Plat Ex
3dfx Voodoo3 (ugh…)
Windows XP Home SP2/latest updates
Burning with Nero 6 Ultra

I bought this drive yesterday and i’ve been unable to get it to burn a disk faster than 10 minutes. So far i’ve used multiple disks including: Fujitsu, CMC Mag, and Prodisc. On my other box my Pioneer dvr 108 i has no trouble burning these disks at 8X with burn times at a little over 7 minutes. This is a fresh install of XP (no aspi after install) and i updated the aspi layer first with the adaptec files then with the aspi file supplied by nero. I’ve had to use nero’s aspi layer when making a bart ghost disk. When i burn from the NEC it always takes just over 10 minutes when burning at 8X from nero.
I’ve also flashed with TDB’s latest for the drive and i can rip at fast speeds.
The system specs are kind of low, especially the vid card, but i don’t think that’s the problem. Anyone have any ideas?

Something is wrong with this drive. I installed it into the same system that houses my dvr 108 and it still won’t burn at 8x speeds. Well, its getting returned and exchanged for another dvr 108.

10 minutes for a full disc at 8X is about right with the ND-3500

Really? My dvr-108 burned the same data in less 8 minutes (7min ~40secs). I recommended to a friend to buy this drive because of the bit setting but if 10 minute 8X burns are normal then forget it. Glad i live 20 minutes away from where it was bought. Is there a faster NEC drive than this? I don’t have 12X or higher disks so i can’t test out the other speeds, but if it can’t burn at 8X quickyly then that doesn’t bode well for higher speeds.

Nec is slow at 8x… but it’s very fast at 12x and 16x… But who cares about speed… the only thing that counts is the quality. :slight_smile:

Yes, my NEC 3500 is slower than the Pioneer 108 at 8x burning.

But I can burn an 8x Sony dvd-r in ~5.40 mins which the 108 (and 109) cannot get anywhere near. :cool:

Yes… Pio 108 is a 16x burner on the paper… :slight_smile:

paper and a few seconds of 16x writing if you’re extremely lucky… :stuck_out_tongue: