NEC 3500AG Dual Layer and Home DVD player




I have a NEC 3500AG dual layer DVD burner that I have been using to backup my DVD’s using CloneDVD/AnyDVD and playing them back on my Pioneer DV717 home player without any problems.

My question is if I purchase some dual layer medium e.g. Verbatim DVD+R dual layer and backup a film will this disk play on my home Pioneer DVD717?



Depends on the DVD Player. I think with Verbatim DL media it should work. With Ritek Dl media i don´t think so, because Ritek DL discs are really crappy.


According to will play DVD+R DL.



I don’t know if it helps, but my Pioneer DV525 plays pretty much everything… both Verbatim and Ritek DL media with no problems…


Double layer disks are so expensive that it is hardly worth it to use them to back up movies.

I would suggest that you use the free DVD Shrink to shrink the movie to fit on one single layer DVD+R bitset to DVD-ROM. I doubt that you would be able to see any quality difference.

When the Japanese single layer FujiFilm 8X DVD+Rs go on sale at Best Buy you can get them for about 40 cents a piece. Today they generally sell for 80 cents a piece when not on sale.

The price is right to use DVD Shrink and the Japanese single layer Fujis.


Same here the pioneer DVD players are excellen t for playing ANYTHING.
I have a dv 275 and it plays the ritek DL media, burned on my BENQ 1620 and NEC 3500. The results were lousy because its crappy media I guess, but it plays the copies fine, all the way through. I’d imagine that Verbatim DL would be great and give no problems at all. Im looking forward to getting some soon!
I just have to take out that second morgage first to afford a 3 pack.


I have burned some Verbatim DVD+R DL with 3500AG (4x), and they play just fine in my Sony DVP-585P (12+ months aged model), and I think that you can play them just fine in your player. We can all agree here that Verbatim media are very good for their price (€7 here in Greece) and compatible friendly to deck dvd-players.