Nec 3500ag cpu usage 100%


after reading several reviews, i decided to buy a NEC 3500AG. it is pretty good, so far.

the only problem is, it uses 100% of my cpu when burning a cd or dvd (nero, alcohol 120%, dvd decrypter). i’m sure it’s a problem with system settings and not the drive itself.

my mobo is ECS K7S5A. my old drive was an LG 16x cdrw and i didnt have this problem. DMA is enabled in windows device manager.

for the people at cdfreaks, this should be an easy problem to solve. :slight_smile:

sorry if i posted in the wrong section.

With XP and 2000, uninstall both ATA/ATAPI IDE controlers and restart your computer.
Then check that DMA is enable on both ATA/ATAPI IDE controlers.

thanks for the reply.

i uninstalled the DMA channel that was giving me problems, rebooted and windows reinstalled it and rebooted me again. now it’s in PIO. do i set it to DMA? won’t i just be repeating the cycle?

when my pc boots, it says maxtor hdd found using umda5. it does this for both maxtors. then it finds the NEC but says nothing. do i have to change BIOS settings?

right now, in the only relevant section of the BIOS, every drive is set to “auto”. i don’t see any options for anything that says DMA.

Set it back to DMA. Strange that it discover the NEC in PIO mode ! Maybe your cable is wrong or something ? Did you force the burner to secondary master ?

force? it’s cableselect, on the end of secondary cable.

Avoid cable select, and place a jumper (at the back of the drive) to force it in master position.


Using “Cable Select” is dicey at best-

ItalianJob is correct in having you set jumper to “Master” - that will ALWAYS do the best job for you-IMHO


using secondary master (not cable select) and have followed italianjob’s instructions. did not work.

when the PC boots, i see my devices listed briefly. my harddrive are “100” and the 3500 is listed as “33”. under “PIO MODE” everything says “4”.

in device manager, all my devices say “Use DMA if Available” and “Using Ultra DMA mode”.

what is the next step?

In my case I had the same problem as you… I have an ASUS A7N8X-E Deluxe board and no matter what I tried the drive was only being detected in PIO mode. I actually had to install the Nvidia chipset drivers in order for the drive to be properly detected. I have heard some people recommend against the drivers, but in my case they solved my problem and all burns since have been perfect.

I recommend going to your board’s chipset manufacturer’s page and downloading the IDE chipset drivers for your board. Note, even though I have an ASUS board, I had to go to Nvidia’s web site and use THEIR chipset driver package to solve my problem.

Hope this helps.